Mock Award Blogs

Despite the name, we don’t make fun of the awards on a mock awards blog.

In fact, we do quite the opposite.

These blogs are designed to look at books that are potentially eligible for the Real Award. They invite a variety of reviewers, including those who have been on the Real Committee in the past to look at this year’s books and share their opinions. The reviewers compare current books to the award’s criteria and ruminate on whether they think the book has a shot at the Real Award.

These blogs often share thoughts of about other relevant things including what it is like to be on the committee from previous committee members, and books that aren’t eligible this year.

They are often community forums to hear and debate opinions. At the end of the year, a mock vote is done.

Ultimately, this helps us gain more respect and admiration for the Real Award and the Real Committee, to delight in the current year’s offerings of eligible books, and to celebrate books in this category.

Other mock book awards include:
The Sydney Taylor Shmooze is a project of the Association of Jewish Libraries.  AJL's Real Sydney Taylor Book Award Committee has delegated all responsibility for this blog to non-voting past chairs, and current members are not permitted to review or vote at The Shmooze. Opinions stated here do not reflect the attitudes or opinions of the Association of Jewish Libraries or any other institutions with which the reviewers are affiliated. Comments on eligibility or the strength of a contender are entirely speculation.