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Review: The Blue Butterfly of Cochin

The Blue Butterfly of Cochin by Ariana Mizrahi, illustrated by Siona Benjamin Kalaniot Books, 2024 Category: Picture Books Reviewer: Doreen Robinson Buy at The Blue Butterfly of Cochin tells the story of a Jewish girl named Leah who lives in the ancient city of Cochin, India. Leah loves her city and its special synagogue, which has two bimahs. After Shabbat services, Leah tells the other children stories. Even the blue butterflies listen! In an exchange with a bright blue butterfly, we learn that Leah is sad that the Jews of Cochin have decided to leave India. But at the same time, she’s excited to move to Israel. The butterfly assures her that Cochin will always be with her – in her heart and in her stories. Even though Leah and her family settle in a moshav in Israel, there are things she still misses about Cochin. A friendly neighbor named Shifra takes Leah to a nearby olive grove where a blue butterfly lands on her shoulder. That’s when Leah realizes that India will b