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Review: Daddy, Can You Make Me Tall?

Daddy, Can You Make Me Tall? by Rona Milch Novick, PhD, illustrated by Ana Sebastián Apples & Honey Press (imprint of Behrman House), 2023 Category: Picture Books Reviewer: Shanna Silva Buy at Daddy, Can You Make Me Tall? centers around a child preparing for Shabbat and needing help with various tasks. In each scenario, one of his parents shows him how to complete the task on his own, thus fostering his independence. There’s a message here for both parents and children. Parents are gently reminded to show kids how to do things for themselves. Children learn that a feeling of accomplishment is its own reward. An author’s note delves further into the psychological components. All readers will see that preparing for Shabbat is a family affair that everyone can participate in and enjoy together. The illustrations by Sebastián are a treasure! Pages contains delightful little nuggets of children’s toys, a warm home, and a precious dog. Each subsequent revisiting will reveal

Review: Mommy, Can You Stop the Rain

Mommy, Can You Stop the Rain? by Rona Milch Novick, illustrated by Anna Kubaszewska Category: Picture Books Reviewer: Sandy Wasserman This delightful picture book is so needed now during our stressful pandemic year and would also be calming and soothing at any time for a child during stressful moments. During the sounds of a rainstorm - thunder, lightening - the young child is anxious before bedtime. Although the parents inform the child that they cannot control the weather, the familiar homey things that surround the child are soothing; there's zaydeh's chicken soup pot to pound when the thunder is too loud, and Bubbie's blanket to cuddle in, and cookies to eat. There is Noah's ark on the wall, and the child's own drawing hanging by the bed, of Shabbat candles and the grandparents. Then, the sunny day comes after the night is over, brightly shining through the window. The reader feels just as comforted by the soft, gentle illustrations. Throughout