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Review: Zevi Takes the Spotlight

Zevi Takes the Spotlight by Carol Matas Orca Currents (imprint of Orca Book Publishers), 2024 Category: Middle Grade Reviewer: Stacey Rattner Buy at Do you ever think you would like to see into the future? Zevi has that unique gift. He’s a psychic. And not only that, he can also read people’s minds and thoughts. Therefore, he’s not your typical seventh grader. Zevi, who fantasizes about being a famous actor one day, gets closer to this dream when the actor Robert Lemon comes to Zevis’ home town of Vancouver to shoot his first role in a major drama film. Robert Lemon is known for his action films, not dramas. Could he really be that bad of an actor when he switches genres? Maybe. It gets even more exciting when the producers choose Zevi’s unusual home for the set. Is this the break Zevi’s looking for? What if Robert Lemon offers him a job in his next movie? But when Zevi has to use his psychic powers to save Robert and figure out who's trying to hurt him, be becomes too