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The Shmooze, Podcasted

One of The Shmooze's co-admins, Heidi Rabinowitz, is the host of The Book of Life Podcast. Heidi interviewed fellow co-admins Susan Kusel and Chava Pinchuck, about The Sydney Taylor Shmooze, and you can listen to the episode below. Other mock award bloggers from Calling Caldecott, Heavy Medal, and Guessing Geisel shared their thoughts, and you'll find a bonus episode with more of that conversation HERE , where you'll also find transcripts and links to lots more information about mock awards.

The Chairs Speak

Hi, I'm Heidi Rabinowitz, one of your editors at The Shmooze. I'm also the host of The Book of Life Podcast , where I've been interviewing Real Sydney Taylor Book Award Committee chairs for many years. I'd like to share with you the last three years of "big reveal" podcast episodes, in which that year's chair announces and discusses the winning Sydney Taylor Book Award titles.Getting familiar with past winners may help you in your quest to figure out what will win this year!