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Introducing: Chava Pinchuck

Once again, it's time to meet your Sydney Taylor Shmooze admins! Three friends run this blog: Susan Kusel (whose brainchild it was) and her partners in crime, Chava Pinchuck and Heidi Rabinowitz. You can read a bit about us in the About section but we thought you might like to get to know each of us a little better. Today it's Chava's turn. Chava Pinchuck 1. Describe a day in your professional life. My professional life is very quiet compared to Heidi's . I am usually sitting at my desk, working on the computer. I spend a good portion of the day doing research and looking at book reviews. 2. Talk about your experience on the Sydney Taylor Book Award Committee.  L-R: Chava Pinchuck with 2010 STBA winner April Halprin Wayland My time on the committee was one of the best experiences of my life, both personally and professionally. I read so many great books (and a few duds), I learned so much about Jewish Children's Literature and secular children&#