Who Are We?

Susan Kusel

Chava Pinchuck

Heidi Rabinowitz

We are people who are on the silly side, so we decided to make this page reflect that, instead of providing our usual canned bios.

Also, it appears that we've done a lot of the same things in our careers.

Susan & Chava & Heidi:
-are all librarians
-have served on and been the chair of the Sydney Taylor Book Award committee
-have served on the Board and Council of the Association of Jewish Libraries
-created The Sydney Taylor Shmooze together

Susan & Heidi:
-created the Jewish Kidlit Mavens Facebook Group

-is a children's book buyer for an independent bookstore
-owns a children's book consulting company
-has been on the Caldecott committee
-has written a Jewish picture book
-lives in Israel
-has organized two private libraries
-compiled and edited a book about the Sydney Taylor Book Award

-has an awesome podcast, The Book of Life
-is a former president of the Association of Jewish Libraries
-has served on the Sydney Taylor Manuscript Award committee
-has won the Fanny Goldstein Award

They all:
-are pretty silly
-love Jewish children's books
-believe in the importance of seeing more Jewish books on more topics in more places
-can be contacted here