2020 Blog Tour Day 3

Lesléa Newman and Amy June Bates received a Sydney Taylor Honor in the Picture Book category for Gittel's Journey. They are both past Sydney Taylor Book Award winners, having received the gold medal in 2016 for Ketzel, the Cat Who Composed. Lesléa also has quite a few Notable Books to her name:  Here Is the World in 2015, A Sweet Passover in 2013, Runaway Dreidel in 2002, and Fat Chance in 1994. Even more special, Lesléa was named a Sydney Taylor Body-of-Work Award winner this year for her overall contributions to the genre of Jewish children's literature.

You can see past Body-of-Work Award winners here. Who else do you think would make a good Body-of-Work Award recipient?

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February 9-13, 2020
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  1. Judy Petersen here. I don't have a google account so I'm posting "anonymously". First off, the link to the Body of Work Award winners doesn't work. Second, if she's not already on it, I think Allison Ofanansky would make a terrific Body of Work Award recipient. Each of her books is unique within its subject matter and all her books fill niches that aren't otherwise available with other books. They're also well-written, have great photographs and they're very popular to use with my synagogue's Religious School teachers.

    1. Thanks for letting us know the link to the Body of Work Award winners wasn't working. We've fixed it.

    2. Judy again. Thanks for fixing the link. Other nominees for body of work: Tilda Balsley (Lots of variety, and imaginative stories), and Tami Lehman Wilzig (ditto, I love that some things are related to contemporary issues, like Green Bible Stories and others emphasize klal Yisrael, like Hanukkah Around the World). And all 3 authors are currently writing and will probably have additional books to offer in the future.


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