Review: Does Your Dog Speak Hebrew? A Book of Animal Sounds

Does Your Dog Speak Hebrew? A Book of Animal Sounds by Ellen Bari, illustrated by Holly Clifton-Brown

Category: Picture Books
Reviewer: Sandy Wasserman

A delightful very beginner picture book, of five Hebrew words for the youngest set! How humorous it is, that words for animal sounds differ among languages. Preschoolers love to imitate animals and how clever they will feel as they learn to speak the Hebrew of these five animals. Artful illustrations set the scene for the both the American and Israeli locations where the animals reside; one is never to young to learn a bit of geography and know some famous American and Israeli pastimes and locales! Child and parent both will meet a dog, a rooster, a frog, a bird, and of course a cow. And how convenient for all that a cow says 'moo' in every language.

The illustrations very subtly and creatively are a child's first glimpse into the American landscape and Israel's, too! We see the dog at the Capitol, and the 'Kelev' at the Knesset- both complete with flag of their nation. The frog jumps onto his lily pad from the Golden Gate Bridge, while the 'tz'farde'ah' relaxes on a Tel Aviv beach, with the backdrop of Tel Aviv behind him. 


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Sandy Wasserman is a retired teacher of Gifted and Talented students, and taught for 35 years in both public schools and at a Solomon Schechter Day School. She's a wife, mother of two adult daughters, and grandmother to two fantastic 'first readers' of her manuscripts. Her published book, The Sun's Special Blessing [2009], was her first serendipitous and fun experience in the publishing world. She loves to read and swim, though not at the same time