2022 BALLOT #2



In Round 1, we noticed that there was a lot of campaigning for votes happening. This is not within the spirit of this event, so we ask that this activity be discontinued during Round 2. We are happy to have you publicize the Mock Sydney Taylor Book Award and remind people to vote, but please do not ask that they vote for any individual title. Instead, you are welcome to share the ballot along with a statement such as "Don't forget to vote for your favorite in the Mock Sydney Taylor Book Awards!"

Click on the words BALLOT: ROUND 2 above to be taken to the ballot for Round 2 of the 2022 Mock Sydney Taylor Book Award vote. This ballot is active January 9-14, 2022. The Mock Winners will be announced on January 20, 2022.

Anyone may vote for the 2022 Mock Sydney Taylor Book Awards (except for current members of AJL's Sydney Taylor Book Award committee). Voters may select one title in each of three categories (Picture Books, Middle Grade, Young Adult). Please vote for the titles you think are most worthy of receiving the Sydney Taylor Book Award. Criteria are here: https://www.sydneytaylorshmooze.com/p/criteria.html 

This ballot includes the top six titles in each age category from Ballot 1. To read reviews of all eligible titles, please see:

PICTURE BOOK REVIEWS: https://www.sydneytaylorshmooze.com/2021/12/mock-overview-pb.html

MIDDLE GRADE REVIEWS: https://www.sydneytaylorshmooze.com/2021/12/mock-overview-mg.html

YOUNG ADULT REVIEWS: https://www.sydneytaylorshmooze.com/2021/12/mock-overview-ya.html