Review: Sukkos Guess Who? A Lift-the Flap Book

Sukkos Guess Who?

by Ariella Stern, illustrated by Patti Argoff

Hachai Publishing, 2022

Category: Picture Books
Reviewer: Judith S. Greenblatt

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Sukkos Guess Who? is a rhyming story that poses questions, with answers hidden under flaps. The rhymes are short, generally in language that is well within the comprehension of the picture book crowd. Children will enjoy the game of being asked a question, and finding the answer under the flap. The holiday is thoroughly explored, including aspects that are less familiar to many, such as Chol HaMoed (the intermediate days of the week-long holiday), and Simchas(t) beis(t) HaSho'eiva, the modern celebration commemorating an ancient ritual at the Temple in Jerusalem. Descriptions of such activities are difficult to find in children's books, so are a welcome addition here.

Hebrew and Yiddish terms are included in the text, and will be familiar to the target audience of Orthodox readers. Most terms are translated on the page where they are used, and there is a brief but clear glossary included at the back of the book which includes the alternate spellings of words ending in S (for Yiddish) or T (for Hebrew). In the PDF advanced reader copy, some terms and their definitions are misaligned; hopefully this has been corrected in the final version.

The illustrations in this book are brightly colored, attractive, and reflect an Orthodox lifestyle. The majority of characters present as white, but there are a few Jews of color in some of the crowd scenes.

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Reviewer Judith S. Greenblatt says: I hold a Master of Library Service from Rutgers-The State University, and a Master of Arts in Jewish Studies from Hebrew College, Newton, Ma. I have been Director of Library Services at the Bureau of Jewish Education of Rhode Island, served as Vice President and President of the School, Synagogue and Center Division of AJL. Publications include: 1985-86 Book lists; for young children, for 3rd to 6th graders, for young adults, 100 Plus Books For The Children's Library: A Basic Collection. Weine Classification Scheme for Judaica Libraries. Revised by Judith S. Greenblatt, Chairman. 8th edition. Association of Jewish Libraries, Synagogue, School and Center Division, 1994.